Bush Heritage is a national non-profit organisation conserving biodiversity in Australia.

We do this by buying and managing land of outstanding conservation value, and working in partnership with other landowners. We help protect native habitats on millions of hectares of the most ecologically important landscapes. 

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A Night Parrot

Night Parrot funding

Bush Heritage Australia has welcomed an announcement from the Queensland Government that it will receive $400,000 in funding to support its Night Parrot recovery efforts.
Striped legless lizards

Second chance for striped legless lizard

With 1 in 15 reptiles in Australia at risk of extinction, we're translocating a population of nationally threatened striped legless lizards from two development sites in Canberra. They'll be reintroduced to our Scottsdale Reserve in NSW.
Bush Heritage ecologist Allana Brown and Warddeken ranger Suzanna examine a Fire-tailed Skink (Morethia ruficauda)

Baby Dreaming Country

In the middle of the dry season our ecologist Allana Brown travelled to Arnhem Land to help Warddeken Land Management with a biodiversity survey. The focus was the Ngalngbali clan estate - Baby Dreaming Country - in the Northern part of the Warddeken IPA. A place never surveyed before.
Help us Save the Night Parrot

Help us save the Night Parrot

The Night Parrot is one of the most elusive and mysterious birds in the world. For around 100 years this nocturnal and mostly ground-dwelling bird was presumed extinct. Incredibly, we now have a second chance to save it!
Help us Save the Night Parrot

Let's Save Australia

Our ‘Let’s Save Australia’ campaign is helping raise funds to protect our unique plants and animals, starting with the Night Parrot. With the help of even more generous Australians, we hope to bring back this mysterious bird from the brink of extinction and save Australia, one species at a time. But we have to act now. Let’s Save Australia.