Bush Heritage is a national non-profit organisation that protects Australia’s unique animals, plants and their habitats.

We do this by acquiring and managing land of outstanding conservation value, or by working in partnership with other landowners. Our vision for 2025 is to protect 1 per cent of Australia.

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Bush Heritage recognises and respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's ownership, rights and enduring relationship with their lands and waters, acknowledging that it is the lands, winds and waters of the first Australians that we all share today.
If our campaign to protect the Monjebup Creek property' in the Fitz‑Stirling region of south‑west Western Australia is successful, another piece of the Gondwana Link puzzle will fall into place. Here's a taste of what we expect monitoring work on the property will reveal.
An exciting new research project is fusing science with community engagement to track carp movements and trial control methods on the Murumbidgee at Scotsdale Reserve.
Following the success of last year's inaugural Blues for the Bush and Charles Darwin Reserve Open Day, we will again partner with the Shire of Perenjori to welcome you on October 4.
We're proud to announce a range of new and improved opportunities for supporters to visit Bush Heritage reserves. There’s something for everyone, including self‑guided trips, overnight camps, guided tours, mountain bike adventures and personalised birding experiences.
A trapdoor spider burrow has been spotted on Eurardy Reserve (WA). The twigs and leaf litter radiating out from the burrow are fastened with web to the rim of the hole. They're used as 'trip lines' so unassuming insects walking by can be detected by the spider, grabbed and eaten!
During National Reconciliation Week a unique photo exhibition was hosted at Melbourne at Trinity Grammar, curated by our partners in the Arnhem Plateau - Warddeken Land Management. The exhibition was so well recieved that it will now show in July at Photonet Gallery in Fairfield (Melbourne), and in September at Canberra Grammar School Gallery.

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