Bush Heritage is a national non-profit organisation conserving biodiversity in Australia.

We do this by buying and managing land of outstanding conservation value, and working in partnership with other landowners. We help protect native habitats on millions of hectares of the most ecologically important landscapes. 

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Help us Save the Night Parrot

Help us save the Night Parrot

The Night Parrot is one of the most elusive and mysterious birds in the world. For around 100 years this nocturnal and mostly ground-dwelling bird was presumed extinct. Incredibly, we now have a second chance to save it!
Help us Save the Night Parrot

Let's Save Australia

Our ‘Let’s Save Australia’ campaign is helping raise funds to protect our unique plants and animals, starting with the Night Parrot. With the help of even more generous Australians, we hope to bring back this mysterious bird from the brink of extinction and save Australia, one species at a time. But we have to act now. Let’s Save Australia.
The Bush Heritage 14-15 Anual Report cover

Annual Report 2014-15

Our supporters have enabled us to make wonderful progress this year in our efforts to protect Australia's precious plants, animals and landscapes. Our Annual Report details how we've spent the generous donations that made this possible. It includes a Chief Executive's Report, a concise Financial Report, and stunning photos and stories of our conservation successes.
Participants of the Gundawa Young Leaders program at Charles Darwin Reserve, Western Australia

Rick Farley Memorial Award open for applications

We offer four Rick Farley Memorial Awards to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students (grades 10–12) who are interested in a career in conservation management. The awards are $500 each and can be used to help students learn more about environmental conservation and cultural heritage management.
A Splendid Fairy-Wren

Moving to Eurardy

Our new ecologist, Ben Parkhurst, is settling into home at Eurardy Reserve in Western Australia and has already captured some fantastic photos. Expecting to encounter an arid environment, instead his first few months have been full of rain - with well over the annual average falling.