Bush Heritage is a national non-profit organisation conserving biodiversity in Australia.

We do this by buying and managing land of outstanding conservation value, and working in partnership with other landowners. We help protect native habitats on millions of hectares of the most ecologically important landscapes. 

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Introducing Bush Heritage

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Volunteer, Nicole, getting ready to place fish monitor in the river.

Huge fish monitoring array

All fish monitoring stations in a 90km long fish tracking array in the Upper Murrumbidgee River have now been installed thanks to project staff and some pretty dedicated volunteers.
Hectare upon hectare of the extraordinary Priority 4 Eucalyptus vesiculosa (red-flowered corackerup moort)

Monjebup Creek survey

Our ecologists recently spent three days surveying Monjebup Creek in WA. Moving very short distances they crossed distinct and sudden boundaries from one vegetation system to another – a nightmare to map, but a delight to traverse.
Red-kneed dotteral

Double the impact in outback wetlands

Through an innovative new partnership with South Endeavour Trust, Bush Heritage has begun managing Yantabulla Station adjacent to our Naree Reserve.
Kate Cranney

Lessons in nature: our student partners

From studying kangaroos at Nardoo Hills in Victoria, to snails in the springs of Edgbaston in Queensland, university students across Australia are researching on our reserves.
John Furmston, Meredith and Ron McInnes volunteering at Nardoo Hills in Victoria. Photo Heidi Fisher.

Volunteering in nature is good for you too!

Researchers worldwide are finding that regular contact with nature has been linked with a range of physical health benefits as well as psychological benefits such as lowered anxiety and stress.