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Who we are

Bush Heritage is a non-profit conservation organisation dedicated to protecting Australia's unique animals, plants and their habitats

Enabled by the generosity of our supporters, we own and manage private conservation reserves throughout Australia, covering around a million hectares.

Our reserves are managed in a similar way to National Parks – the land is legally protected, with the intention of safeguarding it forever.

We also build partnerships with other landowners to support conservation management on their properties. Through these innovative conservation partnerships, along with the more than 38 reserves we directly own, we're now protecting more than 6 million hectares of the most ecologically important and threatened landscapes across Australia.

Our story

Bush Heritage was created in 1991, when Bob Brown bought 241 hectares of native forest in Tasmania's Liffey Valley to save it from potential clearing.

The first Bush Heritage Resreve at Liffey River, Tasmania.  Photograph by Wayne Lawler, Ecopix.Liffey Valley Reserves in Tasmania – the first Bush Heritage Reserve. Photo: Wayne Lawler/Ecopix

He used prize money from an environmental award as the deposit, and the campaign to pay off the remaining $200,000 loan was the birth of Bush Heritage. That land is now our Liffey River and Dry's Bluff Reserves, parts of which are UN World Heritage Listed.

We soon embraced a national vision for conservation, buying other reserves around Australia to preserve threatened areas.


With over 70% of Australian land privately held, we extend our reach by partnering with other land owners.

We now work with Aboriginal groups, farmers, pastoralists and others to help identify conservation threats, plan strategies, source funding, and develop skills and resources needed for long‑term sustainability.

Why our approach works

Yellow-footed rock wallabiesThe yellow-footed rock wallaby is protected by conservation management at Boolcoomatta Reserve. Photo Jiri Lochman/Lochman Transparencies.
  • We're respected as a down-to-earth, pragmatic organisation that delivers tangible results.
  • Using proven scientific methods, we manage our reserves to restore ecosystems to health and create the right conditions for native species to thrive.
  • We're strategic in choosing land to protect – we aim to protect threatened species and habitats, to create habitat corridors and to complement existing reserves.
  • We build partnerships with government, indigenous communities, researchers, landowners, businesses, and other non-profit organisations to achieve a common goal.

Our people

There are about 70 staff in the Bush Heritage team, including Reserve Managers and Ecologists. Some are based in the field, while others work from our Melbourne office. An independent board of directors oversees the organisation.

The most important members of the Bush Heritage family are our supporters, including our hard-working volunteers.

Will you lend a hand?

We rely on donations. If you share our concern for the environment, and our optimism that we can do something about it, consider supporting us by:

Bush Heritage offers a practical and effective way to invest in conservation. Our administration costs are low, so you can be sure you're making a real difference.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

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