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Bush Heritage Australia Annual Report

How our supporters have helped us protect more of Australia over the past year.

This 2013-2014 Annual Report includes the directors' report, a concise financial report, and stunning photos and stories of our conservation successes.

2013-14 highlights:

  • Purchased two small properties that increased the size, conservation value and ease of management of Nardoo Hills Reserve in Victoria, and Liffey Valley Reserve in Tasmania.
  • Entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Warddeken Land Management Ltd, Arnhem Land, and extended for another five years our contract to provide ongoing support for the 1.4 million hectares Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area.
  • Extended for another five years our contract with Balkanu Aboriginal Development Corporation, Cape York, to support the implementation of the Umpila Healthy Country Plan that covers 250 000 hectares.
  • Strengthened existing and emerging partnerships with traditional owners in all states, including negotiating an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with the Warrungu people, traditional owners of the country that includes Yourka Reserve, Qld.
  • Removed many thousands of feral animals from reserves including cats, foxes, pigs, goats, camels and fish.
  • Continued control programs on weeds, including on Siam weed, Johnson and buffel grass, parkinsonia and wheel cactus.
  • Recorded six additional threatened species on our reserves: red goshawk and Mareeba rock‑wallaby on Yourka Reserve, Qld, Tunbridge buttercup on a Tasmanian Midlands stewardship property, stripe‑faced dunnart and little pied bat on Naree Station Reserve, NSW, and eastern pygmy possum on Scottsdale Reserve, NSW.
  • Undertook an eco‑blitz on the new property Naree Station Reserve, NSW, to provide baseline ecological data, and on Charles Darwin Reserve, WA, to inform our five‑year analysis of ecological progress.
  • Celebrated the 10‑year anniversary of Charles Darwin Reserve, WA, with an open Day and inaugural Blues for the Bush, which was attended by over 800 people.
  • Saw 176 volunteers contribute over 16 000 hours of work either on our reserves or in the Conservation Support Centre, Melbourne.
  • Welcomed over 8000 new financial supporters.
  • Significantly improved our safety systems, and planning and reporting systems including providing coaching and support for other organisations implementing the Open Standard for the Practice of Conservation.
  • Participated in 22 scientific fora and published nine peer‑reviewed scientific papers.
  • Expanded opportunities for supporters to visit reserves.

Previous reports

For Annual Conservation Reports and Annual Financial Reports from previous years, please visit our Annual Report archive page.

Bush Heritage was recognised in the Pricewaterhouse Coopers 2013 Transparency Awards for the quality and transparency of our reporting.

Transpacency Awards 2013 finalist

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‘Today, tomorrow, 365 days a year – your support is making a difference’

Gerard O'Neill
Engaging the community in our work is vital
if we are to build the momentum needed to
tackle the environmental issues that face us.

– Gerard O'Neill, CEO

Louise Sylvan
Now, more than ever, conservation needs to be a
community-based effort, driven by the recognition
that our long-term wellbeing and sustainability as a
nation depends on a healthy, resilient environment.

– Louise Sylvan, President