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If you've applied in the past or already volunteered, you'll be registered in our system and kept up-to-date with new positions. Log in to record your hours or check opportunities.

If you haven't heard from us for a while, check we have your current details. If three years has passed since your last involvement, registration will be considered lapsed. Just let us know if you’re still interested.

Volunteer Co-ordinator:
(03) 8610 9100 (9am-5pm AEST)

Bush Heritage Volunteer opportunities vary greatly and our program recruits individuals who have specific skill sets or who are located in geographical areas of need. Currently we are looking for volunteers in the central regions of Queensland and Western Australia who can assist with reserve related placements. Apply here »

Our Volunteer Caretaker and Survey roles are highly sought after and volunteers must complete a selection process to ensure their skills, qualifications and remote travel and living experience match our requirements and to ensure our placements are equitable. Volunteers must have their own reliable and remote qualified transport to be considered for reserve placements.

We do offer office and project-based opportunities throughout the year and encourage interested people to apply.

All Volunteer Applicants will be contacted via phone for an interview in order to discuss our program and their experience. Unfortunately not all applicants will be accepted due to the high level of interest in our program and the availability of opportunities.

We do also offer those who want to immerse themselves in the Australian bush the opportunity to do so via our Visitation Program. We have reserves in each region who offer camping opportunities, day tours of the reserve of an outback homestead station stay. Further information about these wonderful opportunities can be found on our visitation page

We are constantly working to develop more volunteer and visitation opportunities across the nation so that we can engage, inspire and empower people to support our purpose.

Information for people considering volunteering with us

See our FAQ page.

Volunteers in action!

Page Last Updated: Wednesday 11 March 2015