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Striped legless lizards that are now in good hands. Photo Annette Ruzicka.Bush Heritage and the Night Parrot Recovery Team are putting fragments of information together to learn more about this enigmatic bird. Read more...

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Working together to protect the Night Parrot

On May 14, 2016 a News Limited journalist made statements relating to Australian Wildlife Conservancy and Bush Heritage Australia, which are inaccurate.

For an accurate account of efforts underway to protect the Night Parrot please read the following clarification by Atticus Fleming (Chief Executive of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy) and Gerard O'Neill (Chief Executive of Bush Heritage Australia).

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Martu people preserve bilby population with traditional knowledge

Thursday 14 July 2016 - Australian Geographic

Across the Birriliburu landscape in remote WA, the Martu people are using their knowledge as traditional owners to conserve the greater bilby population, which has recently dwindled to just 10,000.

Managing grazing pressure on Scottsdale Reserve

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Without the opportunity to grow, flower and seed, native plant species will not reproduce and will be replaced by introduced species, which support far fewer native species of fauna. The result is a reduction in food availability and possible starvation-stress. A range of operational and ecological factors are considered in management decisions for Scottsdale. However, to date, a cull has not been deemed appropriate, nor is there a plan to undertake this activity in the foreseeable future.

Habitat of endangered night parrot placed under exclusion zone by Queensland Government

Sunday 5 June 2016 - ABC Online

A rare Queensland parrot once thought extinct will be protected under new laws with an exclusion zone to keep bird watchers and poachers away.

Rare night parrot protected under new Qld laws

Sunday 5 June 2016 - The New Daily

The Queensland government has put an exclusion zone around the habitat of the highly endangered bird.

High-tech ‘grooming traps’ seek to win battle against feral cats in Australian deserts

Monday 18 April 2016 - International Business Times

A robotic contraption may just be the key to finally cull feral cats, which have been considered a serious threat to endangered species across Australia, according to an ecologist.

Secret new reserve to protect rare Night Parrot

Monday 18 April 2016 - ABC Radio National Breakfast

The Night Parrot was once found across extensive areas of arid Australia. But changed fire regimes, the impacts of pastoralism and feral animals have decimated the species. It's hoped that as many as 60 of the rare and mysterious birds could still be alive.

Secret reserve created for previously thought-to-be-extinct Night Parrot

Monday 18 April 2016 - The Huffington Post

Conservation group Bush Heritage Australia has created a sanctuary for the parrots named Pullen Pullen reserve in the same spot Young originally discovered them. And no, Bush Heritage won't tell anyone where it is either.

Australian night parrot legend lives on but bird remains as elusive as ever

Sunday 17 April 2016 - The Guardian

Somewhere here among the red-dirt channel country of south-west Queensland is a bird that was, until recently, literally a legend. For more than 100 years, the night parrot was a thing of Australian outback yarns, and stories of sightings have been whispered over campfires or boasted about in desert pubs.

Night parrot: In search of one of the world's most elusive birds

Sunday 17 April 2016 - The Age

Dr Murphy remains the only person in more than a century to have held a live night parrot. That occurred in 2015 at the newly created Pullen Pullen Reserve managed by Bush Heritage Australia, just two years after the bird was rediscovered by naturalist John Young on a farmer's cattle property in western Queensland.

Robots, lasers, poison: the high-tech bid to cull wild cats in the outback

Sunday 17 April 2016 - The Guardian

Robotic killers that detect feral cats, spray their fur with poison and rely on them to essentially lick themselves to death have been deployed in the Australian desert for the first time.

Total 178 articles in this section.
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