Naree Station, NSW (Sep 9-11)

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Last updated: Thursday 12 May, 2016

Fri. 9 to Sun. 11 Sep. 2016

Around the campfire at Naree. Photo Dave and Sue Akers.
Around the campfire at Naree. Photo Dave and Sue Akers.
If you'd like to discover more about the ‘back of Bourke’, join our Reserve Managers David and Sue Akers for a short tag-along camping trip at Naree Station Reserve.

This 14,400 hectare property was bought for conservation in 2012 after 150 years of sheep and cattle grazing. It's a patchwork of woodlands, grasslands and ephemeral wetlands and just the right size to explore in a long weekend.  

Duelling Red Kangaroos on Naree. Photo Peter Morris.
Duelling Red Kangaroos on Naree. Photo Peter Morris.
The reserve has a wide variety of wetland, grassland and woodland birds, both sedentary and migratory. Red, Eastern and Western Grey Kangaroos are all here, and there's a range of smaller mammals – frogs, reptiles and other creatures (though they're often reclusive and may not be seen).

David and Sue have lived and worked in the outback for many years and enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience.


Price: $220 (inc GST) per person. Children under 18 are free. Prices are based on covering our costs to plan, prepare and run the visit. This ensures donations made for conservation don't subsidise tours.


Reserve Managers David and Sue Akers will be your hosts at Naree.
Reserve Managers David and Sue Akers will be your hosts at Naree.
Naree is in north-western NSW, 150km north-west of Bourke, 130km west of Enngonia and 65km south of Hungerford. Note: This is a remote area – service providers, medical and emergency services aren't close at hand.

Does this trip suit you? You'll need:

  • a suitable vehicle and relevant driving experience (see details below)
  • to enjoy bush camping (pit toilet, no washing facilities)
  • to enjoy travelling in a small guided group at a gentle pace
  • to have an interest in the natural environment
  • a flexible attitude should conditions change (Naree experiences an erratic climate), and
  • to be in good health.

Vehicle requirements:

4WD or AWD vehicles are required. While the tracks on Naree are relatively easy to traverse (when dry) with smooth dirt tracks and almost no gradient, getting to the reserve is a different matter. The roads from Bourke and Hungerford can be very rough with corrugations, deep wheel ruts, pot holes, rocks, sand and bulldust. The road from Enngonia is generally in better condition as it's mostly sand, but also has some stony patches where care is needed. AWD vehicle drivers will particularly need to watch for clearance.

Conditions will change throughout the year depending on road maintenance and rain events. Vehicles must be in excellent working condition and equipped for outback travel. Bring at least one spare tyre, ideally two, and the equipment to fix a puncture. Trailers are okay with care.

Driving experience: Off road and four-wheel driving experience is recommended but not absolutely essential. You'll be travelling on roads and tracks of varying condition. Once on reserve you'll be travelling in convoy and guided by reserve staff.

What to bring:

  • all your own camping equipment
  • food and drinks for the duration of the trip
  • all water for drinking, cooking and washing (you can top-up with non-potable bore water for washing on arrival)
  • first aid kit and personal medical supplies
  • UHF radio – this will be the main form of communication between vehicles. Bush Heritage may have some handsets available for use.

Fuel: Fuel is not available on the reserve. You'll need to bring adequate supplies for the duration of the trip. The closest fuel stops are at Bourke (150km) or Hungerford (65km). Allow enough fuel to travel from your last refuelling stop out to the property and return, plus at least 100km for travelling around the property.

Bush Heritage supplies: Experienced staff, emergency communication equipment and access to bore water on arrival (not suitable for drinking). If the season has been good, then rainwater for drinking will also be available on arrival.


We'll tailor the itinerary to maximise the best opportunities at the time of visiting, and to take into account the interests of the group as far as possible. You'll experience the different country types on Naree – wetlands, woodlands and grasslands – and learn a little of the station’s cultural history too. There will be time for exploring on foot, bird watching, photography, observing plants and animals and just relaxing and enjoying the environment.

Day 1: Meet at Naree Station at 10.30am for morning ‘smoko’, induction and orientation. Travel out and have your lunch in the bush and set up bush camp, which will be within 30 minutes’ drive of the homestead. There will be options for a short drive or walking from the bush camp during the afternoon.

Day 2: A full day exploring the diverse habitats of Naree by vehicle, with opportunities for short walks, returning to camp for the evening.

Day 3: Depart reserve mid- to late morning.


This tour has now closed and completed. Contact Katrina Blake on (03) 8610 9124 or to enquire about future tours.

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