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What we do

Bush Heritage buys or acquires land of high conservation value to protect Australia's unique biodiversity. We partner with others throughout the nation to help build conservation programs on a landscape-scale.

Who we are

Bush Heritage Australia is a leading conservation organisation, protecting millions of hectares of ecologically important land for the benefit of nature and all Australians.

Why we're successful

It's our way of working that makes Bush Heritage Australia so successful - and makes us optimistic that we can expand our great conservation work to meet the challenges ahead:

  • We pursue non‑confrontational, pragmatic solutions to conservation challenges.
  • We work closely with our neighbours and local communities to share the outcomes and knowledge gained for the benefit of all.
  • Everything we do is informed by good science - aided by our staff ecologists and science partners.
  • We have more than 40,000 (and growing) committed supporters who enable us to work on a scale that matters and to implement solutions that endure.
  • We partner with Aboriginal communities, other land owners, non‑profits, businesses and governments, because we know that by working together we can achieve so much more.
  • We buy land, and invest in our partnerships and in our growing number of supporters. Our mission is for the benefit of all Australians, forever. 

We work principally in our 'priority landscapes'

These regions have been selected on the basis of national biodiversity priorities, the location of our existing reserves and where we wish to establish strategic partnerships. See our 'priority landscapes' page.

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