Constitution & values

Last updated: Thursday 16 February, 2017

Our constitution states we exist to:

  • protect the natural environment for the long term by acquiring and preserving interests in property that's of high conservation value or environmental significance (as determined by the Board)
  • to preserve, restore or maintain conservation value through the planned management of our property
  • to raise funds or other property through donations, bequests, public appeals, special events and from the corporate sector
  • to provide financial or in-kind help to others to protect and manage the natural environment
  • to provide advice to others about how to protect and manage the natural environment
  • to dispose of any land or water or interests in land or water we own:
    • if it's not of, or is no longer of, high conservation value for whatever reason as determined by the Board, or
    • in order to raise funds, provided that the Board has taken proper steps to ensure that, where legally possible and where practicable, the conservation value or environmental significance of the land or water will be protected and preserved, whether by the use of restrictive covenants or similar instruments or by disposing of such assets to an organisation with similar objectives, or
    • to an organisation with similar objectives to us who, in the opinion of the Board, is in a better position to conserve and protect the land
  • to buy or sell for the benefit of Bush Heritage any trading credits, sequestration rights or other similar interests in land, air or water
  • to pursue business, sponsorship and other appropriate relationships with the public and private sector to achieve the objects of Bush Heritage.

If you'd like a full copy of our constitution, please contact us.

Our values

Our values are the principles and beliefs that anchor us to our vision. They're demonstrated in our actions and behaviours every day.

  • Conservation goals are paramount
  • Our peoples' health and safety is absolutely critical
  • We're pragmatic, collaborative and creative
  • Our supporters are fundamental to our success
  • We recognise and respect the Traditional Owners of the land
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