A bit of comfort

on 03 Jun 2015 

A group of volunteers recently got together on Scottsdale Reserve to insulate and line part of the shearing shed. With a temperature range of -10c to +40c it will make things a little more comfortable for sleeping.

Led by Peter Mills the group got the back two pens straightened up, the floor lined to stop the drafts, the roof insulated then lined and then the walls put together.

Having a group of volunteers getting together on a project like this is a really good thing. Everybody brings their own skills to help, and with what they were trying to fix up the more heads around to scratch and work things out the better.

I would like to give a big thanks to Peter and Narelle Mills, Terry Cooke, Richert Ahlers, Trevor Kingston, Frank Ingwersen, John Hayhoe, Gillian Carter and David Dempster. Together they have made things a bit more comfortable at Scottsdale.

Next job is working out where to put the spa!