A drone's-eye view of conservation - TED talk

Published 03 Feb 2014 

I watched this TED talk over the holidays, I'd love to see us being the first in Australia to use drones for conservation!


An addendum by Craig:

Lian Pin Koh is An Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Mini multi-blade helicopters are great for getting in close intimate video footage and photographs, but Liam is using fixed wing drones to get the range needed for his conservation projects.

He is using (or planning to use) drones for the following applications:

  • Patrolling conservation reserves to spot poachers and illegal logging.
  • Mapping primate drays.
  • Capturing photography for creating high resolution photographic mosaics (including 3D ones).
  • Tracking radio collared wildlife.
  • Picking up photographs from remote motion sensing cameras (using radio or WiFi).
  • Dropping microphones into remote areas to record wildlife calls (and then returning to wirelessly retrieve the audio files).

Do you think Bush heritage could use drones? How might you use one in your work? Fire reconnaissance is an obvious use I imagine.