A New Centre For Sustainability Leadership Graduate

Published 29 Nov 2013 
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‘A quiet leader who prefers her actions to do the talking’

That’s how Stacey Irving was introduced to the audience at her graduation ceremony on Wednesday night when she became a Graduate Fellow of the Centre For Sustainability Leadership.  

With support from Bush Heritage and Creative Spark, Stacey put in 9 months of conscientious effort to complete the fellowship.

Please join me in congratulating Stacey on a fantastic achievement. Her future endeavours to create a more environmentally and socially just world will be great to see.

If you are looking for a professional development opportunity, consider the CSL fellowship program. For details visit the website at  http://www.csl.org.au/

To learn about Creative Spark (the NGO of which Stacey is Director), check out the website at http://www.creativespark.org.au/

Well done Stace!