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New daisy species for the Fitz-Stirling

Angela Sanders (Ecologist)
Published 08 Sep 2021 by Angela Sanders (Ecologist)

This large daisy went unnoticed on our Beringa and Chereninup Reserves in south-west Western Australia, until botanist Libby Sandiford visited with her eagle eye looking for something different.

Libby has been collecting plants on our FitzStirling reserves for almost a decade and has found around 960 taxa so far on six reserves totalling just over 4,300 hectares.

This daisy is as yet un-named by science and its phrase name is Olearia sp. Jerramungup.

Only a few plants were found so this plant may be listed soon as a priority species. Our FitzStirling reserves protect many rare and threatened plant species. 

Flowers from un-named Olearia sp.

Olearia sp. Jerramungup Olearia sp. Jerramungup
Branches and leaves Branches and leaves
Floral bracts Floral bracts
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