Satisfying infrastructure working bee at Eurardy

on 03 May 2016 

Ben Parkhurst (our Ecologist based at Eurardy) recently hosted a team of West Australian volunteers at Eurardy Reserve. The group were tasked with infrastructure improvement.

Ben Parkhurst reflected on the week, "The group worked on the shearing shed, making it a lot more weather proof. Ian Fletcher installed a much-needed handrail along the open section. The group also spent time on repairs to the volunteer quarters; fixing gates, fixing rusted supports to the undercover barbecue area, trimming trees that had begun to overhang the roof, and, fixing screen doors".

"Another very useful aspect was patching cracks in two water tanks and plumbing the shearing shed down pipe into a rainwater tank so the rainfall isn't wasted. It really was a good and extremely helpful week. It has resulted in improved water security and made the visitor quarters more liveable".

The wonderful thing about volunteering can be the sense of achievement and of teamwork that can occur for the hard-working participants.

One of the participating volunteers, Ian Fletcher, commented, "When Ben read out his 'wish list' at the first briefing I thought we'd need to be there for three weeks but, thanks to the experience and resources of the other three volunteers, we finished everything on the list that was feasible, and several other things as well. It was very satisfying."

Work like this is essential to the ongoing management of our properties. A big shout out of thanks to all the volunteers that participated in the infrastructure working bee.