A weed herbarium for Hamelin

about  Hamelin Station Reserve  
on 18 May 2016 

Valued volunteer Charlie Nicholson has provided important help in the West for over 10 years.

Charlie's just completed his second stint at Hamelin Station Reserve helping us prepare a weeding manual for volunteers.

We're extremely lucky to be able to tap into Charlie's knowledge of the region and his great knowledge of plants and weeds of the Rangelands.

For his most recent trip, Charlie brought his God son, Matthew, along to help and even recruited a new volunteer (who was travelling and staying at the Hamelin Outback Station Stay) to help out in mounting the specimens.

While at Hamelin, Charlie collected weed species for the weeds manual, mounted selected specimens with descriptions, photos, identification tips, research into the best control methods, protocols for stockpiling removed weeds, occupational health and safety concerns and maps.

Healthy Landscape Manager Greg Suosaari said, "With the limited resources we have available, having someone with Charlie’s experience and dedication here at Hamelin Station Reserve, is absolutely paramount in setting up our systems. Apart from that, he’s just an awesome guy to work with, and someone I can always count on for encouragement and support… and a few laughs at the end of day.”

A big thanks to Charlie for his help in this important project!

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