ABC 'Landline' filming in G Link

Published 10 Mar 2014 
about  Chereninup Reserve  

An ABC film crew spent 2.5. days in the FitzStirling last week recording for a 12-minute segment for an upcoming 'Landline' program on ABC TV.

Annette Ruzicka did a brilliant job in securing the gig, and organised a schedule that received high praise from a very experienced crew.  The shoot was timed to coincide with one of the fauna surveys that are run 2-3 times a year on our partnership Chingarrup Sanctuary property, organised by Nic Dunlop of the WA Conservation Council in conjunction with Chingarrup owners Eddy and Donna Wajon.

The crew had some early 4 a.m. starts out of Albany and Jerramungup while the rest of us camped out at Chingarrup, with mist nets set at dawn, and pitfall traps checked shortly afterwards.  The wildlife cooperated, with lots of birds in the nets for recording, and 3 honey possums in the pitfall traps on the first morning!

Main storyline for the segment was the efforts of private landowners in contributing towards realisation of the Gondwana Link vision, with a spectrum through Eddy and Donna Wajon on Chingarrup, a full conservation property, Bill and Jane Thompson on Yarraweyah Falls, a 1500-ha property half of which is dedicated to conservation with the other half in cropping and commercial sandalwood to support the conservation enterprise, and Brian and Janet Penna – large-scale cropping and grazing farmers who have ~750 ha of 'Land for Wildlife'-covenanted bush contiguous with our own Chereninup Reserve. 

We work very closely with all three couples.  The crew shot some great footage and were well pleased with the talent, and we're looking forward to hearing when the segment will go to air. 

We're lucky to have Annette doing such a great job for us with this media stuff!