Active Mallee Fowl Mound found near Rob Well at Charles Darwin Reserve - Thanks Accent Resources

on 24 Sep 2012 

Thanks to a real interest shown by Accent Resource contractors whilst undertaking soil sample work at CDR a active mallee fowl mound has been discovered. Accent staff were very proud to find an active mallee fowl mound within one of their transects, Accent staff provided GPS waypoints which enabled Fiona and myself to find the active mound. There is no previous record of a active mound in this part of the Reserve. Following detailed briefings from BHA staff at the commencement of their field work, the mining companies staff are actively observing natural features and reporting back to us on a weekly basis.

We are going to set up some motion cameras adjacent to this mound to see if we can observe fowl activity.

Some pictures of  emus along the 'predator fence' are also included in the gallery.