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Alwal’s first flight

Allana Brown (Ecologist)
Published 29 Nov 2016 
about  Olkola Partnership  

A fledgling's first flight captured on camera.<br/> A fledgling's first flight captured on camera.

It's not every day you get to see the first flight of a baby bird, especially not an endangered species, nor to capture the moment on camera. But through hours of dedicated survey time Olkola Land Manager Glen Kulka did just that!

Glen, along with Hamish Kulka, Brendan Ross and Ashley Ross are leading a project with Bush Heritage Australia to secure the future of the Moorehead River population of Golden-shouldered Parrots.

This beautiful bird, known as Alwal in Olkola language, is a special Totem species for the Olkola people with important cultural significance.

Alwal is a small species of parrot that nests in conical termite mounds, with the parents working together to raise a clutch of 6 eggs.

During one of our surveys Glen saw a small green bundle of feathers plop out of a nest hole in a termite mound.

Quick thinking as ever, he grabbed his camera and recorded what he says are some of the most exciting moments in his life – a baby Alwal taking its first flight!

Thank you to Glen Kulka, the Olkola Land Managers and Olkola Aboriginal Corporation for sharing this amazing video.