Arafura Swamp fire season

on 05 May 2017 

The Arafura Rangers spent much of this week planning the fire season with all the other ranger groups of Arnhem land.

The meeting was hosted by another ranger group in the area, Mimal Land Management, at the lovely Barrapunta outstation. No mean effort by them to feed 120 people for several days in such a location!

The burning season is nearly upon us and this is true landscape-scale burning! This huge project across Arnhem Land involves the strategic and planned burning of savanna areas during the early dry season to reduce the risk of late dry season wild fires and so save hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon from going into the atmosphere.

Through the not-for-profit partnership organisation Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Ltd these 'carbon credits' produce a valuable income, both creating employment in the region and getting people out on country, caring for and burning country the right way.