Are the windows up on the ute?

on 20 Jan 2016 

Rain this morning at Boolcoomatta Reserve has brought new life, conversation, sounds and smells – all welcomed.

The ants knew it was going to rain a week ago, mounding up their homes and moving food reserves to higher ground. Seeing them at their work we and our neighbours have been asking, "Do you think it's going to rain?" and concluding "No, don't reckon we'll get any".

I guess we express doubt to relieve the disappointment if it doesn't come, while hoping fervently that it will.

But this morning, having got up early to look to the west for the promised falls, we were pleased to see clouds and rain in the distance, then the smell and feel of cool wind on our faces, followed by rain smashing onto the galvanised iron roof.

We've had 18 millimetres of rain so far. The postie has cancelled his mail drop. The fuel truck won't be coming. The neighbours are all calling each other to see, "How much rain didya get?". Disappointment for some who have missed out, and joy for others.

For us there'll be no movement around the reserve for a few days, and we'll be wondering if the burrowing frogs will come the surface or instead wait for heavier falls. 

Swarms of flying insects followed by woodswallows have been and gone, as has the rain, for now, it seems.