Artesian spring doppelganger

about  Edgbaston 
on 06 Jul 2015 

'Bubbles' is an artificial spring that has recently been constructed on Edgbaston Reserve as part of the red fin blue eye (RFBE) recovery program.

Using the artesian water from the homestead bore, Bush Heritage staff have placed a water riser within the earth mound that bubbles out water like the natural springs on Edgbaston. Being raised and secured away from the natural drainage lines means the invasive gambusia fish that threaten the RFBE are unable to enter.

Bubbles will now be seeded with the aquatic plants and microorganisms found in the natural springs, in order to create the best possible replica and suitable habitat for the RFBE.

Once well established the recovery team scientist will look to introduce a population of RFBE. 

It's hoped that this population will play its part in the integrated recovery program ensuring the ongoing survival of this endangered species.