At the risk of doubling up...Landline visit cont'd!

on 11 Mar 2014 
Ang during filming

So Simon has done a great job covering the bases on the recent trip out west for Landline. The story itself is about how farmers and private landowners in Western Australian wheat belt have joined Gondwana Link to help reconnect land in this global biodiversity hotspot. Be that in revegetating their property, performing baiting or particiapting in fauna surveys.

Anyhoo, i'll be brief but this is just my opportunity to share some pics and give a BIG thanks to those involved. This has been a project 7 months in the making after several attempts to get this journo interested - so if it wasn't for the enthusiasm, patience and support of dynamic-duo Simon and Angela, this story just would'nt have happened.

They, along with landowners from Chingarrup and Yarraweyah Falls and other partners (such as the Conservartion Council) ventured out for the week (starting on a public holiday!) to do this survey which covered pit fall trapping, bird banding (mist nets) and a bit of fox baiting work. It was a great cross section of landowners that ranged from pure conservation properties, mixed (cropping and reveg) and farmland - all involved in Glink some way.

Stay tuned for the air date!

Ang during filming