Back-of-Bourke Naree Recent visit

on 29 Nov 2012 

Last week had me in and around the Bourke area, and on our new property Naree Station (settlement tomorrow).  Being fortunate to have visited Naree three times now I have been getting a good sense of what the patterns might be like on our new property.  One my first visit there was still lots of water everywhere, lots of green, even needed the heater and beanie at night.  The second trip started to demonstrate the drying patterns and movements of waterbirds, as water evaporated and and plants took its place, no beanie this trip.  Last week the fans in the quarters and air conditioner in the car were working pretty hard (definately no beanie), but I have to say that for a fella who calls Tassie home now, the 40 degree days were pretty nice.

Naree as we will all get to know over time is a very special property that represents many opportunities for BHA into the future.  Its SE boundary is the Cuttaburra Creek that joins the Paroo and the Warrego rivers, when this fills and overflows it fills what is known as the Cuttaburra Basin, and extremely important wetland system.  Naree is essentially the Cuttaburra Basin.

I would like to report that the conversations I had in the Bourke and "Back-of-Bourke" area were positive.  It is my sense that BHA will do well in this region with the right manager in place at Naree.

Some of the conversations I had were with staff and people from the Catchment Management Authority, Livestock Health and Pest Authority, Politicians both local and federal, Dept of Lands, Dept of Aboriginal Affairs, NSW Parks and at few levels, Nature Conservation Trust NSW, curent owners, neighbours, publicans (important), and Traditional Owners. 

Very few people knew of BHA, and the likes for the new General Manager of the Council were pleased to learn about what we do and how we do it.  Regional communities like Bourke and the surrounding area are interested and aware of the need to reserve certain areas, while sensibly use  other areas for production.  I believe that with the new region focus and structure we will bring leadership and strength to regional communities in these changing times.

A highlight of the week was travelling with Phil Eulo, a Budjiti man and tradional owner of the land that Naree sits on.  We spent Tuesday visiting members of his family and discussed what BHA does, and what we hope to do at Naree.  We have the support of Aunt Ruby, Phil and his brothers and extended family for our immediate plans.  We will be undertaking a cultural heritage survey early next year, and in April next year along with other activities there will be a Welcome to Country ceremony.  Lots to share and too many words already, so I have included a few pics that will better discribe some of the trip.

All the best to all, Al