Back to business at Yourka

on 17 Apr 2013 

Just wanted to say a quick cheerio as we have just arrived back on deck after a two month wet-season shutdown up here at Yourka.

It's always exciting (albeit a bit overwhelming) to get back to the reserve after each wet. First job is to clean up the shed. Then, with 2L of Pine O Clean diluting eau de dead-rat, it's in the buggy to do a road inspection.

It's still very boggy, there's some timber down and some creek crossings are flowing too hard and fast to cross but otherwise, our track network has faired very well. The drains have done their job and there'll be no need for the dozer this year.

Early seasonal burnt country has responded well with lantana set back to something more manageable...and traversable. We are looking forward to an easier year of siam survey and treatment thanks to these January burns.

We hope 2013-14 is off to a good start for our colleagues around the country and look forward to reading/hearing abour your successes and highlights via the Bushie Blog as the year goes on.

Leanne, Paul, Beth, Macey, Seely and Bonnie

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