Back to our birthplace

on 25 Nov 2015 

There was a real sense of significance as Bush Heritage bequest supporters gathered for morning tea under the welcoming arms of the walnut tree at Oura Oura reserve in Tasmania's Liffey Valley.

Gifted to Bush Heritage by Bob Brown in 2011, Oura Oura has, over the years, hosted gatherings which led to the formation of Bush Heritage, the Wilderness Society, the Tasmanian and Australian Greens and the Franklin River campaign – many meetings of these groups having taken place under this same tree.

Over the weekend of 14/15 November 2015, two groups of bequest supporters met to enjoy a day visiting Oura Oura and exploring Liffey Reserve, the property purchased by Bob Brown in 1990 that lead to the establishment of Bush Heritage.

Morning activities centred on all things ecological with Bush Heritage ecologist Matt Appleby leading a guided walk around Liffey Reserve highlighting significant vegetation and ongoing management work. 

After lunch, again settled back under the walnut tree, supporters heard from Rod Atkins who coordinates a volunteer group that's researching and documenting the cultural significance of Oura Oura – not just from the extraordinary place it occupies in the story of the conservation movement in Australia, but also in the context of its place in the broader Liffey Valley community.

Rod was joined by fellow volunteers Gayle Plunkett and Linda Clark who provided some fascinating insights into the Oura Oura cottage, its contents and outbuildings.

It was great to get an early introduction to Tim Brown, our newly appointed Reserve Manager for Tasmania who joined the Saturday group. And a big thank you to volunteer Ray Tollefsen for his help setting up for the event.  

A sign at Oura Oura reads ‘Trespassers welcome’, which we hope summed up the day for our two bequestor groups.