Bequest supporters enjoy a first hand look at Boolcoomatta

Published 16 Jul 2014 
about  Boolcoomatta Reserve  

Big blue sky contrasts the red ground and lichen covered rocks, our national Coat of Arms, the Emu and Kangaroo silhouetted on the horizon. Vast saltbush plains, 500 year old river red gums, Wedgetail Eagles hovering in the sky, 23 bequest supporters and the elusive Orange Chat. Boolcoomatta.

My first trip to Boolcoomatta reserve with two groups of dedicated supporters who have pledged a legacy to Bush Heritage in their Wills will go down as one of the most fantastic experiences I’ve had in my career so far. With Healthy Landscape Manager Glen Norris as our guide, we navigated through this vast and beautiful property showcasing some of the most spectacular features Boolcoomatta has to offer, while exploring some of the challenges managing this great landscape presents.

It was a real privilege to experience this all and to meet a small group of our bequest supporters who have chosen to support Bush Heritage in a most generous way, beyond their own lifetime to ensure the conservation our reserves and their unique flora and fauna for future generations to enjoy.

A really big thank you to Glen, Jill, Alan and Sabine, for your great work in making this trip the success it was.

I’d like to leave you with some feedback from our supporters about the trip as their words capture the very essence of a supporter experiencing first-hand the work they support us to do at Bush Heritage. 

We had an amazing time a Boolcoomatta Reserve and are still digesting all the things we saw (even the elusive Orange Chat!) and heard about the place.  We now have a much better understanding of the work that Bush Heritage has to undertake once a property has been purchased - we did have an illusion that properties were bought, de-stocked, fences and roads sorted out and that was about it.  Not!!  We now realise that it is a huge task and ongoing for many many years to bring places back from the brink. It was great to meet other like-minded people (who care about our special environment and want to contribute in a small way to preservation and care.

Bush Heritage is a truly amazing organization. I hope the second group enjoyed their time there as much as we did. […] I will have so much to look back on and hope I have the opportunity to visit more of your reserves. I am so glad to be a small part of Bush Heritage.

It was a pleasure meeting you all and seeing the great work you are doing. I can’t thank you enough for a great experience

We look forward to our next bequest supporter event at Gondwana Link in September.