BHP Iron Ore Staff help out with Earth Watch trip at Charles Darwin Reserve

on 22 Oct 2012 

The second leg on the 2012 Earthwatch trip concludes tomorrow at Charles Darwin Reserve. This brings to a close 20 days of survey work with over 25 participants involved.  Following the very successful 'Teach Live' program which saw 12 science teachers from around Victoria participate in ecological research we are now hosting 10 BHP Iron Ore Staff. These BHP staff work throughout Western Australia (the engine room of the Australian economy) in a range of roles associated with the Iron Ore business. It has been great sharing the 'Bush Heritage story' with interested staff in the worlds biggest resource company. We have discussed many interesting issues with this group ranging from carbon trading in the rangelands, aboriginal engagement and the various approaches taken by resource companies in developing innovative partnerships.

Dr Jim Radford has been busy sharing his passion for the wild landscape and also  getting his hands dirty with some practical land management work. 

The BHP crew check the traps each morning and then help with land management works and other monitoring activities during the day - that is if its not to hot! Over 40 degrees yesterday. The did some great weeding at Edna Springs - a cold beer was well deserved, see pictures attached.

The next trapping work will occur in April 2013.  Big Thanks to Matt Appelby and Jim Radford for making the Earthwatch trip such a success.