Biodiversity Links - a new national wildlife corridor in the (mid) west?

on 07 Feb 2013 

Bush Heritage were this week invited to participate in a new corridor initiative being planned in the Mid-west to Southern Rangelands of Western Australia.  Keith Bradby, Director of Gondwana Link Limited presented to a group of 17 representatives in Geraldton on the value of the G-Link initiative in the South Coast WA landscape and shared his lessons learned over the 10-year journey with the very attentive audience. 

Bush Heritage properties in the Southern Rangelands (Eurardy Station & Charles Darwin Reserve) were regularly cited as examples of the conservation activities happening on-ground in the region, with particular mentions given to the new Gundawa Conservation Association as an innovative means for multi-stakeholder alliances to be developed (Luke Bayley is now the Chair of the Association).

Will a Mid-west to Southern Rangelands corridor be established?  Based on the feedback from the meeting it is likely to attract much support, but there remains a fair way to go before a final corridor plan can be produced.  All participants expressed a strong interest to visit Bush Heritage reserves to learn more of our activities in the region and there were many new networks created on the day.

The Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) are funded to progress the Biodiversity Links concept and they sponsored Dave Whitelaw and Keith Bradby's attendance to the planning session.