Bird on a pole

on 18 Mar 2015 

We've had an ongoing issue with rabbits living in the embankment of a disused railway line - it's proving difficult to get rid of them. 

A long-time regular volunteer, Cliffy, suggested putting in a perch for a brown falcon that he regularly saw in the area, to help keep the pressure on the rabbits. He nagged for a year, and finally we put two perches in.

That was two years ago, and aside from the odd magpie they have never been used.

Naturally we've discussed the value of these poles with Cliff, in detail over these two years!

Then, yesterday Cliff came back on another one of his bi-annual visits and casually gliding in came the brown falcon. It checked out a post in the shearing yard and then flew up and settled on the perch. It stayed for quite some time, even resisting a mobbing by other birds 

This was shortly followed by the second pole getting its first visit from a kookaburra!

Previously known as Cliffy's Folly we're now very proud of our natural rabbit control bird on a pole technique.

Thanks Cliff!