May Fauna Survey

about  Bon Bon Station 
on 11 May 2017 

This week Bon Bon Station Reserve hosted the biannual fauna survey. The survey was run by Ecologist Aaron Fenner and Bon Bon Field Officer Kate Taylor, and assisted by a great team of volunteers. The group braved the cold and enjoyed the big blue skies and beautiful days in this arid reserve.

In the pitfall traps the group found two Fat-tailed Dunnarts (Sminthopsis crassicaudata) and little Long-tailed Dunnarts (Sminthopsis dolichura), Spinifex Hopping Mouse (Notomys alexis) and a Bolam's Mouse (Pseudomys bolami). They also found a few reptiles, including four different species of skink, a gecko and two dragons.

Kate Taylor said the highlights were the Typanocryptis (a genus of Australian lizards) and catching a desert skink (only the second capture of this species on Bon Bon to date).

While the group were out they also saw an echidna and an Australian Bustard (listed as vulnerable in South Australia).

Thanks to the fantastic volunteers that helped during National Volunteer Week - #GiveHappyLiveHappy!