Bracknell Primary School in the Liffey Valley

on 06 Nov 2014 

Craig Everett, a Launceston Aboriginal man, has delivered a 5-day hands-on Tasmanian Aboriginal education workshop to every student at Bracknell Primary (Kinder to grade 6 - a total of 69 students), which included two visits to the Liffey Valley.  

The first visit was with Bush Heritage Indigenous Policy & Programs Manager, Sarah Eccles, to collect wood and to make blank clap sticks from it at our Oura Oura Reserve. The second was to the local Baptist Camp (due to the weather) to perform the cultural dance to parents, teachers and Bush Heritage staff and volunteers. All 69 students from kinder to grade 6 made their own set of clap sticks and were very engaged and proud.

Bracknell Primary School Principal Sharryn Crothers was thrilled with the program.

"The 5-day hands-on program delivered by Craig Everett provided the students with a rich understanding of Tasmanian Aboriginal history and culture," she said. "It directly links to many curriculum areas including history, geography, literacy, the arts, science and technology."

The irony for Sharryn is that she attended Bracknell Primary School as a student some decades ago, and was explicitly taught that Trugannini was the last Tasmanian Aboriginal. 

"The Tasmanian Aboriginal community is strong, rich and diverse," she said "and it's been a school priority to provide opportunities for all learners, students, staff and parents, to deepen their knowledge of Tasmanian Aboriginal people by engaging with the world’s oldest continuous culture in a such a real and relevant way."

Bush Heritage is proud to support all culture and heritage in the Liffey Valley and is already planning future activities with the school and community.