Bredbo-Scottsdale Gorge Riparian Assessment

on 22 Oct 2013 

Here are some pics taken on the Bredbo-Scottsdale Gorge Waterwatch riparian assessment day, Saturday the 12th of October. In the raft we have Peter Saunders, Matt Appleby, Heidi, Justin (a dedicated vollie who does the waterwatch monitoring every month), me and Richard our brave and proficient river guide.

Antia Brademann, our revered Cooma Waterwatch Leader was in a one person blow up kayak taking the pics and assessing the rapids up ahead for safety.  After the trip Antia said ‘The trip for me highlighted the stark difference between the more open cleared country (willows/blackberry/bare banks) and the more intact gorge areas, which remain in better condition.....and without them we would have so much less of a river! I was chuffed to have all of you along on our survey day.....especially because Scottsdale is leading by example in regard to landowners/stakeholders looking after their river. I am really happy with the data you all collected. THANKYOU to you all for being the survey crew and thanks to Matt for all the ecology knowledge and plant ID.’

After the trip I said ‘The trip highlighted for me how easy it is to get burnt if you don’t use sunscreen.’

It was a great day and we saw enough lizards basking along the banks to open up a reptile shop.  Perhaps a revenue raising idea for Scottsdale.  I have others...