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Bunuba Healthy Country Plan

Published 04 Dec 2018 by Lachlan Clark

Wednesday the 28th of November was a proud moment for our Bunuba partnership. That evening we celebrated the launch of the Jalangurru Muwayi Bunuba Healthy Country Plan.

The plan has been developed over the past four years through collaboration between Bunuba people and partners such as Bush Heritage, Environs Kimberly and Parks and Wildlife.

Over the coming years this plan will guide the Bunuba rangers and the Bunuba people as they care for their country, progressively improving the health of eight identified targets. The launch of the Bunuba Healthy Country plan represents a significant step for the Bunuba partnership with Bush Heritage and a bright future for Bunuba people, culture and country.

The launch was held on the Wednesday evening at the old school in Fitzroy Crossing in the West Kimberly region of WA. The event was a great success, with compelling words from Traditional Owners and representatives of partnership organisations reflecting the collective pride and optimism held by all who have been involved in this project so far.

After the speeches the Bunuba Rangers fired up the barbeque and the documentary film about a famous Bunuba story; Jandamrra’s war was screened. With the Healthy Country plan in place, and a strong Ranger team with support staff from Bush Heritage and Parks and Wildlife, 2019 is full of promise for the Bunuba Partnership.

The team behind the Healthy Country Plan. The team behind the Healthy Country Plan.
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