Bush heritage goes global

on 06 May 2013 

Last week a bunch of jet-lagged Aussies turned up in Atlanta in the US for the "CCNet Raly" - a gathering of people from around the world who are using the Open Standards and Miradi.  Around 140 people attended, from nearly 60 organisations and 30 countries.  We spent 4 days networking and attending presentations and workshops, all focused on sharing ideas for doing better conservation.  The highlight for me was hearing about the diversity of projects - from multi-country projects run by the big organisations like WWF, through to local projects where small groups are trying to protect their patch.   

There was a lot of interest in Bush Heritage's activities, particularly around our planning work with Healthy Country Planning and our systems work with Miradi.  Emma helped run a session called "Indigenous peoples using and adapting Open Standards" - I later heard several people say that it was the best session they attended.  Pip was involved in several sessions and in the CCNet Board activities, and I focussed more on the "techie" end, presenting at 3 sessions about Implementation and Miradi.  A highlight was collaborating with people on the features being built into "Miradi Share", the web-based version of Miradi which is currently under development.  It was great to finally put faces to the names and voices of people I have been chatting to on skype and webex - funny how they never look quite like you imagine them!

The CCNet Board announced some awards for 6 select inidivudals who have made significant long-term contributions to conservation. It was wonderful to see Stuart Cowell rewarded in this way for his innovatiove work on Healthy Country Planning.  And hats off to TNC Australia who sponsored 6 folks from Northern Australia so that they could attend; for the rest of us it was frequent-flyer points to the rescue. From now one we'll all be giving Skype a good work-out maintaining the contacts we now have around the world.  


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