Bush Heritage – the largest Nature Refuge landholder in Queensland.

on 15 Sep 2014 

Having signed a Nature Refuge agreement for the 8100 hectare Edgbaston Reserve on the 9th of September, Bush Heritage Australia became the largest Nature Refuge landholder in the state of Queensland.

Bush Heritage's eight Queensland reserves with Nature Refuge agreements protect over 500,000 hectares of high conservation land. Edgbaston is unique in that it protects an abundance of endemic species associated with artisan springs. Currently Bush Heritage science staff and their partners have recorded 24 invertebrate, 13 plant, and 2 fish species that are endemic to the Reserve.

The Queensland Minister for the Environment & Heritage in signing off on the deed of agreement made special note to thank Bush Heritage for its "ongoing support & participation in the Nature Refuge program since 2002". Minister Powell congratulated Bush Heritage on the declaration of the 'Edgbaston Nature Refuge' and said that he "looked forward to continuing to work in partnership to protect Queensland biodiversity for future generations”.