Bush Heritage volunteers catch up in Perth

Published 12 Jun 2017 
about  Perth  

Perth is home to a large cohort of Bush Heritage volunteers. Last week the group caught up in Fremantle to share a coffee, meet new and old friends, and hear an update. We were lucky to have Lis McLellan (Healthy Landscape Manager, Western Rangelands) and Erica Suosaari (Research Fellow, Hamelin Station Reserve) join us to provide an update on progress and plans for Hamelin Station Reserve, Charles Darwin Reserve and Eurardy Reserve. 

I was once again impressed with how engaged our volunteer community is with Bush Heritage on a national, regional and local level. Members of the group asked thoughtful questions and provided suggestions and ideas – it was a really great collaborative space.

I got some terrific feedback from volunteers after the meeting including the following:

Thanks so much for the cafe meeting and presentation on Thursday. It was a very positive meeting with good direction and all indications are that Bush Heritage is doing some very good work. Community involvement seems to be really strong."

Thanks again for today’s catch up with volunteers, it was very informative and inspiring.  There is so much knowledge held by the volunteers. I am quite awed – they sure are a valuable resource that I am only now starting to fully comprehend."

This morning was really good!  It was great to hear of progress and plans...I always go home really excited about Bush Heritage after these events... There was a new couple in the room and they said they did their homework about which organisation to support when they retired. They chose Bush Heritage as they heard, and felt they looked after their volunteers! So well done. You know how important it is... Amazing things can happen with people power!!"

Thanks to our fabulous volunteers for continuing to be engaged and involved with Bush Heritage. I am really looking forward to our next catch-up!


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