Bartering with students at Scottsdale

on 03 Sep 2014 
Briefing by Ben from Greening Australia
Contemplative planters

Last week (28th August) Scottsdale hosted a visit from Ben Hanrahan of Greening Australia and Lesley Peden of K2C, who led a group of Canberra Institute of Technology ‘Landscape Restoration’ students on a field trip to the reserve.

Brett Peden, Field Officer, gave the students an overview of the types of landscape restoration, rehabilitation and management activities currently going on, with the students being particularly interested in the feral animal control program.

Lesley went on to described how Scottsdale fits into the broader regional partnerships K2C (Kosciuszko to Coast) and the Great Eastern Ranges, as well as the importance of improving connectivity in the landscape.

The high conservation values of the Scottsdale, threatened ecological communities and species were discussed, with Ben detailing the collaborative project between Greening Australia and Bush Heritage to undertake a variety of restoration activities at Scottsdale.

A good day, finishing with a quick visit to the erosion control site and to the Button Wrinkle Wort patch up near the train line where students were interested to see this particular threatened species.

Oh, and in exchange for the transfer of ecological and landscape restoration knowledge, the students were invited to plant 300 eucalypts, acacias and hopbushes! Which they did very well!

Contemplative planters