Chatting with lawyers

on 20 Oct 2013 

Last week Pip & I visited the office of Allens - our pro-bono lawyers who provide an amazing level of support for us.  On this occasion we had been invited to present at one of the regular Continuing Professional Development sessions for their Real Estate practice.  About 20 people attended, including three people who put in an enormous effort to help us buy Naree - Fatimah Omari did all the hard work around due-diligence and contracts and endless liaison with various government departments, supported by her manager Kim Manns and Mark Stubbings at the partner level.  

Everyone was keen to know more about what happens before and after Allens get involved in one of our transactions, so we gave a short presentation about how we came to be interested in acquiring Naree, and how we are now managing it.  Lots of discussion ensued and we all learnt from each other.  This quote from the organiser, Sharon Heffernan, summed it all up nicely - 

"Thanks again for coming to speak with us this morning. It was inspiring to hear about the work that you do and the ecological benefits which result. As property lawyers, our concept of land is very much confined to boundaries on a plan and to the acquisition at hand, so to see the perspective from the ground and to view our contribution as a step in the process which can lead to, for example, providing habitat for birds flying in from Mongolia, was truly a revelation."

Also in attendance was Phillip Cornwall, a supporter of Bush Heritage and a key player in Allens' "Footprint Committee" which has made great progress is monitoring and reducing Allens' carbon footprint, to the point where their activities are now carbon-neutral.  Phillip reminded those attending that Allens has a workplace giving program, through which donations are matched by the company.  

Such wonderful support, on so many levels.

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