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Chereninup Creek reveals its secrets

Angela Sanders (Ecologist)
Published 18 Dec 2017 by Angela Sanders (Ecologist)

Chereninup Creek has revealed some of its secrets to Botanist Libby Sandiford and Ecologist Angela Sanders. This is the fourth Bush Heritage property to be surveyed this year in the biodiversity hotspot between the Fitzgerald River and Stirling Ranges National Parks in south-west WA and has once again lived up to its designation.

On recent surveys around 562 native plant species were recorded over an area of 900 hectares.

Chereninup has 77 species that were not found on any of the other Fitzgerald to Stirling Ranges properties. A total of 69 plant families are represented with Mytaceae (includes eucalypts, melaleucas), Fabaceae (includes wattles) and Proteaceae (includes banksia, hakea) being the most diverse.

There are at least two areas on the reserve that qualify as threatened ecological communities (Kwongkan Shrubland). Other significant finds include two possible new species – a daisy (Olearia) and a Kunzea that are awaiting confirmation.

Remarkably a population of a large and conspicuous sedge in the Lepidosperma genus was found, whose closest relative is 270km to the north!

Eight species of conservation significance were also found including an orchid, sedges and wattles.

The final vegetation map will be produced early next year and there's no doubt it will be equally as diverse as the Monjebup, Red Moort and Yarraweyah properties.

Caledinia multicalvata Caledinia multicalvata
Daviesia gracilis Daviesia gracilis
Hemigenia incana Hemigenia incana
Kunzea new species Kunzea new species
Olearia new species Olearia new species

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