Community bird monitoring in and around Scottsdale

on 01 May 2014 

The ninth bird survey in the K2C region between Williamsdale and Bredbo was held on the 13th April. After a couple of weeks of soaking rains we were fortunate to have dry conditions in the morning as we set out to survey 40 sites across 21 properties. It turned out to be a day of robins with Scarlet Robins seen on 14 properties, Flame Robins on three, Hooded Robins on four and Eastern Yellow Robins on five properties. With the first three robins listed as vulnerable in New South Wales this is an encouraging result for the survey. Other threatened species recorded were the Brown Treecreeper, which was found on six properties, the Diamond Firetail on five and the Speckled Warbler on one.

The best site of the day was perhaps one of the most unassuming – a riparian planting with four-year-old trees and shrubs on “The Creek”. The trees are only just reaching the height at which small birds will use them and often there are only a few Superb Fairy-wrens and Yellow-rumped Thornbills in the site. However during the survey the planting was full of these more common species but also 15 Diamond Firetail, 4 Flame Robin and 2 Scarlet Robin, while nearly 400 Yellow-faced Honeyeater passed through the site. This is very encouraging considering the amount of reveg work going on at Scottsdale !

 This was the highest number of honeyeaters recorded during the survey. In more favorable conditions during past autumn surveys this number has been recorded at many sites as the birds stream across the Murrumbidgee River but the conditions for this survey were generally too windy or overcast.

The 15 birders enjoyed sharing the mornings results over a BBQ lunch at Scottsdales shearing shed. Thank you once again to the landholders for access, to Nicki Taws for consistently arranging this  bi annual event and the COG members for helping with the survey. The next K2C bird survey is on Sunday 12 October.