Conservation planning vs being in a dentist’s chair!

on 30 May 2016 

I could see it in the Bunuba Rangers and myself sitting there in the Fitzroy Crossing Karrayili meeting room participating in our 2nd Jalangurru Muwayi management planning for the 15,500 square kilometres Bunuba Native Title lands Bush Heritage partnership is supporting. Planning ... it’s really like going to the dentist. You know it’s good for you but you’d try to avoid it, particularly when you should be out bush not in stuck town!

120mm of late wet season rain had closed the roads resulting in the second Bunuba community healthy country conservation management planning workshop being run in town. Everyone was disappointed about the cancelled camping trip but showed commitment to the process with elders and rangers rolling up to the Octagon for a punishing two days of conservation action planning smack down.

Lucky for us Bush Heritage's Claire Dougherty, Planner and facilitator extraordinary, had flown up from Melbourne town to join the team. Most of the rangers wanted to jump ahead and get stuck into the doing things (planners like to call these parts strategies and goals) for managing and working on country.

It’s the cultural and scientific background detail drawn out in these meetings that creates a strong plan, Claire continued to remind us, so we stuck to the process.

As a result at the end of the two days Bunuba now have enough information for us to begin the process of creating a bare bones plan. This will allow for more targeted consultation and refinement across the Bunuba native title lands and then we can get stuck into doing things. A Bunuba Rangers' Works Plan that has clear and targeted conservation actions on the ground.