Cravens Peak Ethabuka Planning Forum

on 10 Oct 2012 

Following the Open Standards for Conservation planning approach and utilising the Miradi tools over several days in October 2012, Bush Heritage staff have come together with Traditional Owners to help define a new vision for the future management of Ethabuka and Cravens Peak Reserves.

Resisting the temptation to head outside into the 43+ degree temperatures and butcher paper the discussions, we instead made use of the newly refurbished office facilities at the Cravens Peak homestead with all of the mod cons, including air conditioning and nearby kitchen!

Highlights have included Isabelle and Avellina Tarrago's active, positive participation in all management discussions as well as the good dose of pragmatic, constructive discussion by all attendee's on the future of these important desert properties to Bush Heritage.  Linda Welldon's bakery delights nearly stole the show!

Attendee's have involved Isabelle and Avellina Tarrago, Peter Welldon, Mo Pietrese, Max Tischler, Adam Kereszy, Clare Dougherty, Justin McCaul, Katrina Blake and Greg Heath from Qld's Cultural Heritage Unit

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