Cravens Peak Reserve receives a welcome reprieve from extreme heat and dust storms

on 09 Jan 2015 

Cravens Peak Reserve has had a weather change in the past few days. On Sunday 4 January 2015 we were woken to the sound of rain on the roof - music to our ears! Over a period of three hours, we recorded a fall of 47mm.

We've lived on Cravens Peak for just over three years and have never experienced this much continuous rain. Over six days, we've recorded 66mm of rain.

This will transform to the landscape's vegetation. We look forward to enjoying a colourful wildflower season.   

Rainfall on the reserve has been minimal over the past couple of years. This rain is especially exciting for us because it has fallen in fire-scarred areas where there has been either minimal or no rain since the fires of 2011 and early 2012.

Because of the rain, Coolibah Waterhole is full. This is the highest water level that we have seen since coming to live and work at Cravens Peak Reserve some three years ago.

Lignum swamp, which runs from the Homestead to Coolibah Waterhole has has water. The bird life is ariving to enjoy this change in the landscape too – a new swimming hole.