Cross Cultural Awareness Training

Published 20 Aug 2013 

Recently I attended a cross cultural awareness program at the University of Tasmanias Riawunna Centre.  This type of program is something that Id recommend to all Bush Heritage staff, no matter your previous experiences with the first people of this land.

I feel that I have through my life been involved with Aboriginal People and culture more than most non indigenous Australians, and for me this was such a beneficial program to attend.

The session was excellent and covered elements such as the impact of European policies and colonization, communication hints and protocols when working with indigenous Australians, deeper awareness of connection to country, cultural safety, sub-cultures within cultures, discrimination in its different forms, interconnections within groups, kinship structures, health issues, and much more.

I unfortunately didn't take any photos on the day, so i've added this one.

If you have not attended a program like this, book in now, you will not regret it.