Crowd sourced fundraising project to fund a documentary about the Battle for the Tarkine campaign

Published 11 Dec 2013 

Every now and again we get requests through Facebook to help promote various environmental campaigns. Unfortunately, for the most part it isn't appropriate to promote other peoples political, activist or fundraising campaigns. Even if they are very worthy of support.

For your personal consideration, here is one that Bob Brown is helping out with. Julian Knysh is using the crowd funding platform Pozible to raise $25,000 to enable him to create a feature length documentary of the Battle for the Tarkine campaign.

Check out their Pozible fundraising page. It's interesting from a fundraising point of view. Pozible projects are run on the basis that if the full fundraising target is not met, then everyone gets their money back. An interestingly fact about this model is that they have found that if a project gets within 80-90% of its target, it generally always gets to 100%. This is because donors who make the initial commitment feel invested in the outcome and rally to ensure success.