CSC visit

on 08 Feb 2013 

On a recent visit to the CSC this week, I realised the realities of whats happening in there..My God!

I now know why the regions very rarely see posts to the blog from the CSC...I thought I'd share with the regions what I realy happens in there....

You will see from my photos that due to budget cuts Katrina now has to wash tea towels by hand in the kitchen sink
That fast food has become the brain food for CSC staff
Coffe is being promoted as the source of inspiration and energy
And the safety guidlines are up to date, at least for the coffe machine operation, critical information
There are actually no staff working in there I found (other than Katrina, who must eat alot of fast food), as you can see evidence of a vacant office,
I think they all joined up to the Yoga class and never returned??
As for the SE, we did heaps of work, evidence from the one photo of productive conversations! Onya SE..

(CSC staff may contradict this with future posts???, yes its a challenge!)

(Disclaimer: the material in this Blog was intended as a piss take!)