Dalyenong musings

Published 14 Nov 2012 
about  Nardoo Hills Reserves  

Recently Andrew and I joined up with friends who were relaxing by botanising and birding in central Victoria. After they spent a great few days at Terrick Terrick  - always recommended - we met up to camp in the Dalyenong Nature Conservation Reserve and took a look at the regional context for JC Griffen Reserve.  Many thanks to Jereon who gave up a couple of hours on a Sunday to do a quick walk through the JC Griffen in the morning and who we connected with again later in the day as he touched base with his volunteer survey team at Nardoo Hills.

Some of you might enjoy this blog post from one of our companions, Ian Lunt


Ian's other posts are also well worth a look if you are interested in what is happening in the woodlands of SE Australia.