Day out at Liffey – Aboriginal Tasmania is strong

on 13 Jul 2014 

The history books are wrong! Tasmanian Aboriginal culture is strong and continuing as community leaders Rocky Sainty and Hank Horton reaffirmed during a visit to Liffey.

The weather spirits were kind to us, with rain predicted; the sun came out as Sarah Eccles, her daughter Nandali Ahmat, Helen Pithie (BHA Volunteer Cultural Heritage Coordinator) and I were fortunate to send time on Liffey River Reserve and at Oura Oura, with Rocky and Hank .

As we walked around the Liffey River interpretive trail, winding through the rainforest gully, Hank shared his knowledge of the different bush tucker in the area and how these were used.

The day was about getting to know each other, building relationships, and establishing a better awareness of what both Bush Heritage Australia does and the activities of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. Discussing common interests and how we might work together.

Rocky and Hank had a great day and described the knowledge and language – palawa kani, revival programs the community have to support re-connection to country and for cultural practises.

 Both Hank and Rocky are registered Heritage Offices and with employees of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre who have just completed a diploma in heritage management will assist us in undertaking a cultural heritage surveys across our Liffey and East Coast reserves. It is planned when the weather becomes warmer, we will venture further out to known cave sites throughout the valley.

It is anticipated that family gatherings and school and youth programs will visit and use Oura Oura, promoting cultural connections, education and awareness.