Early days of a new poa grassland

on 04 Sep 2015 

Over the last few weeks Greening Australia (aka Ben H) and many volunteers have been plugging away down on the river flats on Scottsdale Reserve.

About 15,000 poas have been planted, some bought in and some grown in the Scottsdale nursery by Sue Connelly.

The stark contrast in browned off grasses and bright green poas was too much for some – the wombats moved in, grazing and lifting oh so many back out of the ground.

With the help of some browsing deterrent and weekly replantings most of the 15,000 have survived and we plan, somewhat bravely, to plant another 5,000 over the next two weeks.

Thanks to all those tireless helpers, and here's hoping to a very different paddock in the near future!