Earthwatch Trip - 'Teach Live' begins with vigour at Charles Darwin Reserve - Western Australia

on 07 Oct 2012 

The fourth annual Earthwatch trip commenced yesterday at CDR. This first Earthwatch trip for 2012 is part of the Teach Live program. Teachers from a wide range of Victorian Schools are working with  Edith Cowan University PhD candidate Tim Doherty to set up and begin monitoring fauna at CDR as part of Tims work on predator management.

TeachLive is an innovative teaching and learning program which places teachers on Earthwatch research projects where they not only receive a unique professional development experience but also get to teach ‘live' back to their classrooms via a dedicated TeachLive website.  This allows students to take a virtual expedition with their teachers helping them to engage in science in an Australian context and see their teachers as science role models.

The interactive nature of the program is an excellent opportunity for teachers to improve their web-based teaching skills, learn current scientific research techniques, work in a team with other teachers and learn more about Australia's unique environment.

See pictures attached showing Teachers from Victoria interacting with their classrooms on their laptops via the web in the CDR visitor Centre. It was slow but it worked and good to see technology connecting so many people to Bush Heritage Australia.

This Earthwatch trip which Matt Appelby is supporting goes until the 15th October and then the next trip which will be hosting BHP staff starts on the 16th and concludes around the 23rd of October, being hosted by Jim Radford.