Easter fauna surveys a success at Bon Bon..!

on 09 Apr 2013 

Well the Easter Fauna surveys at Bon Bon were a huge success.The weather was a little mild for reptiles but the fact that we collaborated once again with a SA based group of fauna specialists like the Field Naturalists Society (no, not that kind of naturalist) meant that we could work together towards a common goal: sampling inland Australia's unique inhabitants. This furthers our endeavours to not only add to our fauna inventory but that of SA's also. Stay tuned for a complete list, but we did capture critters not presently on our list like the Western Blue-tongue and several earless dragons and legless lizards. Striped-faced & Fat-tailed Dunnarts were more common than the last survey, and 3 previously unrecorded bats were discovered but yet to be confirmed.

A big thanks goes to Mike & Julia for hosting all of us (and Julia for some great photos), plus Sandy for providing a wealth of in-house expertise. We look forward to further insights into the inhabitants of Bon Bon and certainly also look forward to collaborating with the Field Nats in the future.